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The first book in the bestselling SUPERTATO series by picture book superstars Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet! Over 800k copies sold to date!

Meet Supertato! He's always there for you when the chips are down. He's the supermarket superhero with eyes everywhere - but now there's a pea on the loose. A very, very naughty pea. Has Supertato finally met his match?

The much-loved character from Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, the bestselling, award-winning creators of Barry the Fish with Fingers, I Need a Wee and Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell.

Perfect for fans of Oi Frog!

Praise for Supertato:
'Hilarious... One of the funniest picture books this year - read it and laugh out loud!' Creative Steps Magazine
'Hendra introduces another very silly but irresistible creation in the grand tradition of Barry, Norman, Keith et al.' Bookseller

Praise for Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell:
'Lovely glittery illustrations and simple text make this a must for pre-schoolers' The Daily Mail

Praise for No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom:
'Fabulously funny and wonderfully warm' Liverpool Echo
'Fans of Barry, Norman and Keith will absolutely adore this new wonderfully eccentric new character' Mumsnet

Other titles in the Supertato series:
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Supertato: Run Veggies Run
Supertato: Evil Pea Rules
Supertato: Veggies in the Valley of Doom
Supertato: Carnival Catastropea
Supertato: Books Are Rubbish (WBD)
Supertato Sticker Book
Supertato: Bubbly Troubly
(coming March 2021)
Supertato Sticker Skills (coming May 2021)

Young Adults
19 June
Simon & Schuster UK
Simon and Schuster Australia Pty Ltd.

Customer Reviews

My Person's Books ,

Review by Ruse Public School

Review by Ruse Public School
Class 1V
Noah, Elias, Tyler M & Cayley

What are three words to best describe the book?

Noah - Strong, Fast, Flying
Elias - Brave, Strong, Superfast
Tyler M - Fast, Strong, Helpful
Cayley - Villain, Evil, Toilet Paper

Who was your favourite character and why?

Cayley - Supertato was my favourite because he was an angel and he was big.
Elias - Supertato was my favourite because he was a funny potato and potatoes don't have legs and he saves other vegetables.
Tyler M - Supertato was my favourite because he is a big potato and because he has a cool Cape.
Noah - The Pea's at the end were my favorite because they are sneaky and like to hide. I thought it was funny when one pea was hiding in the cupcake.

What was the best or your favourite part of the book and why?

Noah - I liked the end because all the different peas came out of the freezer to hide. I liked the blue pea hiding in the washing machine, he was funny.
Cayley - My favourite part of the book was when all the vegetables are eating jelly, jelly is my favourite.
Elias - I really liked the ending when all the peas came out and were hiding. My favourite pea was the one hiding in the bottom of the fridge.
Tyler M - I really liked when the pea fell in the jelly after he bounced off the cake. (Tyler started laughing when he thought back to this part of the story)

What was the funniest or scariest part of the story?

Tyler M - I thought the funniest part was when the pea was being silly and put a bandaid on the carrot.
Elias - I thought it was funny when the naughty pea drew a face on the broccoli.
Noah - I thought the funniest part was when the pea covered the cucumber in toilet paper.
Cayley - I thought the scariest part was when the evil pea was attacking the vegetables in the supermarket.

Which character would you like to meet in real life?

Cayley - The evil pea because he is evil like my sister.
Noah - Supertato because he can run fast and fly, he is strong and he saves the other vegetables.
Elias - The peas at the end of the book because they were funny and I liked where they were hiding.
Tyler M - Supertato because he is fast and strong.

Which character would you want as your best friend?

Tyler M - The peas at the end.
Elias - The sneaky peas at the end.
Noah - Supertato because he is strong.
Cayley - The peas at the end.

Did you learn any new words or anything new about this book?

Elias - Supertato. That peas are sneaky.
Cayley - Evil. If you are evil someone could attack you.
Tyler M - Supertato. Supertato's save other vegetables.
Noah - Conveyor belt. Vegetables can be fresh and frozen.

If you could change one thing about this book what would you change?

Noah - I would turn Supertato evil and the pea into a superhero
Tyler M - I would turn the peas into carrots so they can be orange and stuck to the conveyor belt.
Cayley - I would change the peas into a unicorn so then they could take me to New York.
Elias - I would change the peas to spinach because they would be bigger and tastier to eat.

Why do you think the author wrote this book?

Cayley and Tyler M - Because she thought it would be fun.
Elias - Because she wanted to be funny.
Noah - Because she wanted to tell us about superheroes and evil peas.


The children were excited to read this book as soon as they saw the cover. By the second page all four children were laughing and were discussing how funny the story was and wondered what was going to happen, each coming up with interesting theories. Each child was entertained that a potato could be a superhero. Enter the Evil Pea and the children again started discussing together asking each other questions about what they thought the evil pea was going to do. With the Evil Peas sneaky tricks all of the children were laughing and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. The one part they all had belly laughs was when the Evil Pea jumped off the cake and landed in the jelly, which then lead them to talking about what favourite jelly they liked. All four children highly enjoyed this book and loved trying to find all the sneaky peas at the end.

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