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Full of natural wonder and Scandinavian mystique, the country of Sweden will give travelers plenty to explore, see and do. When it comes to Scandinavia, Sweden is the largest compared to Norway and Finland, yet is also one of the least populated countries, with an estimated population of around nine and a half million. So with its large land area (about the same size of the state of California in the United States), and sparse population, Sweden is a great place to explore without it feeling like you are in the middle of huge tourist crowds. The country is home to a vast amount of wilderness, perfect for those travelers who are outdoor adventure seekers or just love getting out and exploring all of the beauty that nature has to offer in this majestic land of snow-capped peaks, deep green forests, and the infamous twenty-four hours of daylight known as the midnight sun.

Sweden is the perfect place to not only explore the great wonders of nature, but to also kick back, relax, and enjoy the laid back Swedish culture. There’s definitely something for everyone here. From the stylish capital of Stockholm, to the crystal-clear lakes and fresh country air, there’s no denying that a trip to this Scandinavian gem will do wonders to nourish the mind, body, and soul. And don’t forget about those famous Swedish winters! For those who love the cold weather, snow, and wintertime activities, Sweden is the perfect playground for fun and entertaining activities while braving the frozen elements. For the skiing enthusiasts, Sweden offers some of the most rustically beautifully slopes that stretch from the Arctic Circle in the far north, down the Swedish mountains in the northwest, and also into the east of the country as well. So there are plenty of opportunities to take in the breathtaking scenic views in the country while checking out some impressive slopes in the process.

Sweden also has some amazing cultural options where visitors can take in the arts and heritage of the locals through some very impressive museums, art galleries, and theater options, not to mention some beautiful historical sites to see as well. And if you are looking to cross of a few more UNESCO World Heritage Sites off your list, Sweden offers fifteen unique UNESCO sites that include historic towns and villages as well as intriguing historical structures.

In this comprehensive guide, travelers will find helpful and informative insight into places to go and what to do and see while in Sweden as well as what to eat and where to stay during your trip. You’ll also find numerous cultural tips and suggestions to help plan your itinerary and make sure you’re able to get the most out of your Swedish getaway. So now it’s time to kick up your feet, turn on some classic ABBA, and enjoy finding out all of the exciting things Sweden has to offer!

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22 August
The Non Fiction Author
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