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LEGO style building plans for minecraft

Step-by-step guides are designed for everyone including little people who have not yet learnt to read but are old enough to build and manage a farm. 

Created for children, tested by children - and to give credit, some of the designs were also created by my Chrildren


A farm is an essential first step to anyone playing Minecraft in survival mode and a good place to start in creative mode. If you are playing on difficult survival you will quickly run out of food without a well organized farm

Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

Platform: Plans suitable for iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, X-Box & Playstation versions.

Age 3-12

For survival mode we recommend dirt scaffolding for the tricky parts and high structures. We also recommend keeping lava away from your wooden structures.


Andrew Kerr a former X-Box level designer, who wanted to give some inspiration and building ideas to his daughter. Is other books include a brat many dinosaur books including 2 free eBooks called Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs from Rock as well as several Dinosaur and other apps such as the award winning Dinosaur Zoo and Let's Paint Dinosaurs. When not at "work" he builds tree houses, explores jungles and catches snakes.

"After watching my wife who is an architect draw up blueprints, our  daughter asked for some blueprints for minecraft. While there are a ton of amazing and epic minecraft constructions I couldn't find any step-by-step plans, or even any useful blue-prints so I made my own."



With Sweden as my adopted country and Minecraft being Swedish in origin, this STEP-BY-STEP guide is based on the classic red painted wooden Swedish Farm still common in Sweden and in the Mid-west in the States build by Swedish immigrants in the 18th Century.


Minecraft is a game of infinite possibilities so consider these guides as a help to get you started, a bit of inspiration if you are getting stuck on cube houses and free roaming animals. Don't stop here, this is just the first essential step- food production -your future empire awaits.

Minecraft running on PCs, Macs, XBox and Playstation are ahead in versions so everything you can build on an iPad you can build on the other versions.


Minecraft and Mojang are a protected trademarks. These guides are in no way affiliated to Mojang or Minecraft and a copy of the game purchased independently is required to use them.

Minecraft is available from and is quite possibly the best game in a generation and is only getting better.

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22 October
Minecraft Instructions

Customer Reviews

Dean Roberto ,

Really Good!

Hello people that might want to get this book. I just want to tell you eve though this is a great set of instructions inspired by LEGO sets, it may still be slightly hard.

It does tell you what blocks to get, but the instructions are too cramped in different parts. It might be hard to find out where to place blocks in the real game.

But, aside from the bad things, this tells you everything you need to build, and it contains many different builds that are great for a farm. And because there are outlines outside everyone block, it's easier to locate where to build or how much to build

Overall, it's great. But it may be suitable for older children. Around 10+. If you are around there or over, you should definitely get this book for a farm tutorial!

ZaneGames166 ,


Do i need to say anymore

William20o9 Gaming ,


Best. Farm. EVER.

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