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Dylan Locke knows that pining over the young ingenue Audrey Lind is pointless. He can’t offer her what she wants. He definitely can’t give her what she needs. Thank goodness she’s half a world away, and he doesn’t have to deal with his attraction head on.

But fate has other plans for him, and when Audrey once again lands in his path, it’s only too easy to fall back into their easy rhythm. And then their easy banter. And of course, each other’s arms.

He tells himself nothing has changed. She still wants forever, and he still thinks tomorrow is long enough. But watching her search isn’t as easy as he thought it would be, and now Dylan must figure out if he’s really the love Scrooge he professes to be or if he’s been Fate’s willing victim all along. 

26 March
Paige Press, LLC
Paige Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

Lizzy4723 ,

Sweet Fate

Loved this but Dylan was a real worry at times but it was the perfect ending to the two books

Jaxwright57 ,

Wonderful conclusion to a beautiful love story

What a wonderful way to conclude Audrey and Dylan’s love story. Sweet fate was everything I expected and more and it certainly gave me all the feels I want from a great read.
Before I go any further I do have to say if you haven’t read Sweet Liar please stop reading and go and pick that book up because you do need to have read it before starting on Sweet Fate.
Dylan firmly believes he is too old for a relationship with Audrey and he plants himself in the friend zone but Audrey still believes if it’s meant to be fate will step in and put them in the same city at the same time. That all happens when Audrey gets her dream job in London but will Dylan be prepared to act on the feelings he has or will he let her slip away again because of his fear of love and relationships......
Wonderful characters, sizzling chemistry and a story that will captivate you from the first line all go into making this one of my favourite reads of 2019. Looking forward to see where this very talented author takes us next.

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

A great conclusion

This is the conclusion to Dylan Locke and Audrey Lind’s story and it was all I was hoping that it would be. If you have not read Sweet Liar, then you need to stop and read it before you read Sweet Fate which is told from Dylan’s point of view.
After parting ways, he knows that it was the right thing to do, but there is a still a large part of him who wants Audrey. Dylan knows that there is no sense in pursing a relationship with Audrey, not just because she is almost young enough to be his daughter, but because they both want very different things from a relationship and he believes that she deserves more than he can offer her.
From the outset, the attraction between Dylan and Audrey is powerful and hard to resit. Audrey is the one who does the majority of the chasing, which is a novel take on most romance books, however for these two it really works. Thanks to an acrimonious divorce, Dylan no longer believes in happily ever after.
When fate puts Dylan and Audrey together again, will Dylan ignore his feelings, or will he take a chance?
Can Audrey bring Dylan back to life and convince him to trust in her and the feelings they have for one another or are they destined to remain apart?

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