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Book #2 in the Sweet Series. 

Lost, shattered, and confused, Beulah finds a friend where she least expects one. What she thought she knew, she didn’t. What she thought she understood, she didn’t. And what she is about to find out will change her. When your fate claims you there is no running from it.

19 October
Abbi Glines Publishing
Abbi Glines Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Jodsmac ,

Sweet Little Lies

Amazing and very well written

Checky girl ,

Sweet Little Lies

Omg this is crazy and so addictive love it love it 😍👍🏻

Maree's reviews ,

So Many Lies

Five Amazing Stars

I was just so completely thrilled to receive this second book from the most exceptional series, Sweet. Written by the most amazing Author I have even know and read, Abbie Glines. I thoroughly enjoyed the most exciting and most emotional first book. I could wait to read this most famous new book. I simply couldn't put it down even once too!!

Escaping was the only thing Beulah could do now. She was upset, terrified. She balled her eyes out and cried. I still knew I had my sister to care for. Learning now, Heidi needs her more now. Beulah’s life was a complete lie now. She didn’t have anywhere to go now. Her life is a complete disaster now. Nothing will be the same again. Her love for Jasper will never come true.

Her aim in life is to never let Heidi, know the whole truth about her Mother. Beulah would never want to see her cry again. She is so sweet. She loves me so much. Right now we were learning so many truths now. She now still had to keep secrets of my own about Heidi. She couldn’t break her heart.

Beulah could never forget her true anger for Portia. After she gave birth to a baby girl suffering with Down syndrome. Finding out it
was now Heidi. She just tossed her away. Knowing that it was up to Beulah to care for Heidi now. If it wasn’t for my mother taking her. She would never be my sister. Loving Heidi so much more now.

The home were Heidi resided is just the best for her now. They are able to give her a lot of caring independence. Beulah was so lucky to have Jasper helping me make payments. Now she was now here with her. She just had to tell her a truth. They couldn’t expect any more money from Jasper anymore. Even Stone, Jasper’s closest friend didn’t want to see her crying anymore. It was too dangerous on the road. Not being able to see. Even Stone knew of the lies as well. Stone never hated Beulah after all.

I thoroughly enjoyed and simply loved this most amazing book. Such a tremendous sorrow for both Beulah and Jasper. I just adored all it magnificent characters throughout. Such a marvellous story and such a wonderful series from Abbi Glines indeed!!

I recommend this book to everyone!!

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