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Welcome to the world of Sydney Harbour Hospital - From saving lives to sizzling seduction, these doctors are the very best!
Sydney Harbour Hospital: Lily's Scandal - Marion Lennox
Pretending in public, passion in private…
To nurse Lily Ellis, Sydney seems the perfect refuge from her mother's scandalous reputation. Far from fading into the background, on her first day at Sydney Harbour Hospital she's discovered in a compromising clinch with brooding plastic surgeon Luke Williams! To protect Lily from gossip, they fake a relationship - only neither's sure where fiction ends and fact begins…

Sydney Harbour Hospital: Zoe's Baby - Alison Roberts

Teaching Zoe how to love again...

To single mum Zoe Harper, trying to be the best mother ever to beautiful baby daughter Emma is a challenge – until gorgeous paediatrician Teo Tuala comes to her rescue. Behind his larger-than-life personality, he's wary of letting anyone close, but Zoe and her baby's plight breach the barriers around his heart - and it scares the hell out of him…

Sydney Harbour Hospital: Luca's Bad Girl - Amy Andrews

One night in the on-call room can never be enough for this couple!
Regular lovemaking is Dr Luca DiAngelo's preferred antidote to his stressful life – fortunately, his devilish Sicilian charm guarantees multiple opportunities to 'unwind'! But even he is surprised by the passion a brush with danger inspires in prickly ER doctor Mia McKenzie...
Mia is furious she slept with Luca – she's no blushing virgin but he has the worst reputatuion (and the biggest ego) in Sydney! Worse still, he knows she's vulnerable. She's determined to give her hot lover the cold shoulder, but the chemistry that blazes between them might just melt the hardest of hearts…

1 October
Mills & Boon Special Release
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

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