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In Tactical Barbell Presents: Ageless Athlete, Jim Madden hones the Tactical Barbell system to fit the needs of trainees who have reached middle age and beyond. Programs geared at older populations typically aim at maintaining basic levels of fitness and general well-being. While that is all well and good, Tactical Barbell Presents: Ageless Athlete doesn’t assume that you need to settle for less just because you are now on the other side of forty. Using the Tactical Barbell system, Madden lays out how you can build and maintain outstanding levels of strength and conditioning at any age.

In Tactical Barbell Presents: Ageless Athlete you will find extensive discussions of how to avoid the psychological pitfalls that lead many older trainees to sell themselves short, multiple new strength templates built on Operator and Zulu from Tactical Barbell, a method for planning recovery days/weeks, templates for incorporating accessory lifts and kettlebells, methods for testing strength progress, a standard base building template tailored for the ageless athlete, diet tips, and recommendations for long term persistence. Whether you have reached middle age or not, it is never too early to start training like an ageless athlete.

Body, Mind & Spirit
20 March
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Adski1 ,

Great for all ages

Enjoyed every bit of this book. It has a lot of great ideas and strategies that people can implement within just about any training program, whether it be barbells, bodyweight work, the list goes on. Though in some ways it is targeted at people closer to 40 or over, the message of patience with progression over time that is discussed within this book is something that people of all ages can and should employ. I really can't speak more highly about this. If you get just one book on training this year, this is the one to make some time, and a pot coffee, followed by getting your read on. 10/10. Great work Jim Madden!

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