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Serena is seduced by strangers on a crowded train. And she's enjoying it too much to make them stop.

Warning: This SHORT STORY is suitable for 18+ only. It features hot, public sex.


As tired as she was that Friday night, the rhythm of the train was hypnotic. Her grip on the upright pole loosened, and if she weren't careful, she would wind up leaning on the guy behind her. Slipping into a languid state, her body grew heavy, her mind in an open state.

The man behind her smelled enticing. An exotic musk blend, soft and sensual. Rolling her head slightly toward her shoulder, she inhaled. Just as she did, the train jostled the crowded passengers and she brushed against him. He was hard, tightly packed muscle on a tall, lean frame. He grabbed her upper arm and helped her stand.

When he released her, his hand caressed her bare arm, clasped and released her wrist, and was gone. Shivers spread upward from his touch, sending desire deep inside her. Her breasts swelled slightly as she imagined that feathery touch on them. Her nipples tightened in anticipation.

He cupped her buttocks through her thin skirt, squeezing gently as if testing her. Rather than anger or outrage, she felt curiosity. Just how far would he go in a car surrounded by so many people?

His hand relaxed but did not pull away. When the bend of the track pushed her into his palm, she didn't fight it. He stroked her through her skirt, up, down, up. His fingers curved, digging into the fabric on the upstroke, lifting her skirt.

Serena's pulse beat faster. She waited, suddenly needing him to continue. Needing the wickedness in his lewd fondling to remind her she was alive. And desirable.

Fiction & Literature
19 March
Roxy Jacobs
Smashwords, Inc.

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