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The Hotel Bentmoore. An elegant, lavish hotel, catering to those who seek an escape from the rigors of conventional life. Beneath the facade of this opulent dream world, another world awaits: that of the erotic, the lascivious, and the sadistic.

The Hotel Bentmoore. Where the decadence, opulence and charm of the rooms above hide the maze of dungeon rooms below...where the cries of hedonistic pleasure coalesce with the screams of unspeakable perversion, until one can no longer tell the difference.

The Hotel Bentmoore. Where anonymity, secrecy, and above all else, ultimate carnal pleasure, are guaranteed.

Tales from the Hotel Bentmoore: The Complete Series includes all four stories from Tales of the Hotel Bentmoore, including Alice, Deborah, Mark and Audra, and Elizabeth.

Story #1: Alice has returned to the Hotel Bentmoore for her own private celebration. She plans on some raunchy merriment with her long-time host, Mr. Sinclaire. Little does she know, Mr. Sinclaire has a new toy he’s been waiting to try, designed to keep the most willful and disobedient of women in line...and he can think of no other woman he’d like to try it out on more than Alice.

Story #2: Deborah has been a regular guest of Mr. Dean for years. She craves his steady, strict hand and calm, measured control. But now, Deborah wants to try something new, something that stretches beyond all her boundaries, and she will need the full force of Mr. Dean’s dominating will if she is to succeed.

Story #3: Mark and Audra, a young married couple, meet with Mr. Dean for some help moving past Audra’s scandalous affair. Mr. Dean realizes if Audra’s punishment is to be effective, it must be severe, the likes of which Audra could never have imagined. But Mr. Dean must also teach the couple Audra’s predilections are nothing to be ashamed of, and to do that, he will have to call in some help: a fellow hostess of the Hotel Bentmoore who has her own unique, feminine charms.

Story #4: Elizabeth, a young, wealthy, and beautiful brat, arrives to the Hotel Bentmoore in dire need of some strict discipline. To that end, her stepmother delivers her into the safe and knowing hands of her host, Mr. Shern. Mr. Shern knows exactly how to handle an impudent girl like Elizabeth: with a strict list of rules, and a painful set of consequences for her actions. It is one weekend Elizabeth will never forget.

As a collection, these four erotic stories become a full-length novel, full of hard-core BDSM and steamy sex scenes.
Warning: Contains graphic content, including spanking, caning, figging, anal play, anal sex, F/F scene, M/M/F scene, and of course, lots and lots of heavy BDSM.

Fiction & Literature
10 December
Shelby Cross
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