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Talulla Rising plunges the magnificent co-protagonist of The Last Werewolf into an adrenaline-charged solo quest, a race against time torecover her lost child. Along the way Talulla crosses paths with a psychotic new WOCOP leader, an unlikely human love, blood-drinking religious fantatics, a pack of London werewolves and (rumour has it) the oldest remaining vampire on earth.

This second instalment in Glen Duncan’s werewolf trilogy pushes the were-myth further into uncharted territory with the definitive twenty-first-century female of the species. Gory and sexy, Talulla Rising is a thrilling take on our relationship with the wildside from a highly regarded literary novelist.

The final book, By Blood We Live, will be published by Text in 2013.

Glen Duncan was born in Bolton in 1965 and studied philosophy and literature at Lancaster University. His first novel, Hope, was published in 1997 and has been followed by seven further novels. I, Lucifer (2002) was shortlisted for the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize. He was named by the Times Literary Supplement as one of Britain’s twenty best young novelists. His work has been translated into more than a dozen languages. He lives in London. 


'Duncan delivers with intelligent humanity a monster we want to track and befriend, even knowing she would happily eat us alive...Duncan’s throbbing, fornication-crazy plot defies easy encapsulation, but is best described as a gleeful three-way between Raymond Chandler’s entire oeuvre, Anne Rice’s vampire novels and Umberto Eco’s ‘Foucault’s Pendulum.’ Proust, as usual, is watching from the corner...The arch relationship Duncan establishes with his readers – along with his scathingly intelligent psychological insights and flat-out killer writing, his companionably high-mannered narrative voice and his mad plot chops – makes Talulla Rising a high-calorie blast.' New York Times Book Review

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21 March
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