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Ten / Two 

by Lindsay Price 

2M+5W, Easily Expandable, Simple Set

Suitable for

High Schools and Middle Schools

I want my 2 dash 10! The whole night is planned around the 2 dash 10! The canapes have been colour-coordinated to the 2 dash 10. I had a string quartet compose a piece of music dedicated to the 2 dash 10.

This collection is a drama teacher's dream! Ten short two-person plays (inspired by the numbers 10 and 2!) in a variety of themes and lengths. Excellent for classwork and for competition.

The plays can to be performed as a group or individually. More flexibility than you'll ever need. Over three million combinations!

This Book is a Collection of 10 Plays:

The Big Lie

10 Minutes, 2 Either, Simple Set 

As a teacher and student square off, one reveals a secret about the other.

The Last Dance

10 Minutes, 2W+-1 Either, Simple Set 

Two am is never the right time to tell your best friend what you think of her while studying Algebra.

Ms. Spitspot’s Spick and Span Play Place

10 Minutes, 1W+1 Either, Simple Set 

On the eve of cancellation, Ms. Spitspot clings to her TV show persona.

My Father Went to Switzerland and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

10 Minutes, 1W+1 Either, Simple Set 

A driving teacher and student tell the truth with crashing results.

Pretty Girl Plain Girl

10 Minutes, 2W, Simple Set 

Tara tries to convince her best friend not to enter a beauty pageant.


10 Minutes, 1M+1W, Simple Set 

A boy and girl trying to date try to fill the spaces in conversation.

Santa Runs A Sweat Shop

10 Minutes, 2 Either, Simple Set 

A young girl has some specific questions for Santa.

Ten Minutes, Ten Minutes, Ten Minutes, Ten Minutes

10 Minutes, 2 Either, Simple Set 

My mantra is better than your mantra, especially when it comes to late teachers.

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider Or Else

10 Minutes, 2M, Simple Set 

A businessman meets his match with a delivery man and his 10-2.

Time, What Is It?

10 Minutes, 2 Either, Simple Set 

A teenager asks the wrong guy for the time.

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4 March

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