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A compilation of short stories surrounding the battlefield of tennis. These stories could have been taken from any; locker room, dance competition, police academies even bingo or poker night. Any place people get together, and compete. Its about people in pressure situations, tales with in-depth observations through relationships with friend and foe. Some friendships lasted years, some just a season, or a single tournament. Grudges lasted decades. All have spectacular endings, some taking as much as ten years to wreak vengeance. When I say great endings, I dont mean all happy-endings but exciting, with twists like only true life can dish out. These observations will tickle the avid tennis player as well as anyone who deal with people in competitive situations. Battling the town, the league rival or your best friend

All stories are true. Tennis etiquette and life morels to be learned and enjoyed.

As you ponder the trials and tribulations of the characters, you get deeper insight into the author.

Michael, are you sure this really happened? I did not approve any of it.

This is the most implausible, coincident ridden exhibit of maternalinstincts
and corny sentimentalism, smacking just short of Bolshevism.

A molotov cocktail of thoughts and utterances. Its like Vuja De` all over again.

Mike is a top-notch Athlete, Musician, Carpenter, Artist, Horse Wrangler,

Kick boxer, and now a Writer... An authentic Renaissance Man ---

He was a gifted child, kind and honest, always seeing things differently than

the other kids. Who knew he would turn out like this? Why couldnt you be

more like your sister? ..................................

You dont have to be a tennis buff to be drawn into Mikes world. These are

stories about people, who they are and what they do. They kept me turning

the pages.

A great writer can paint a picture in your mind and you have mastered this art.

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27 April