The 7 Principles of Spiritual Alchemy The 7 Principles of Spiritual Alchemy

The 7 Principles of Spiritual Alchemy

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How to shine your Light brightly, even if you are surrounded by darkness.

Everyone deals with negativity at times in their life. Constant challenges, extreme frustrations, negative self talk, and things just not going your way may stop you from achieving what you really desire out of your life. What if there was a simple solution to transmuting any negatives you are facing into positive assets?

What if with a simple adjustment of perspective all the negative traits that fuel your failures could become positive assets to propel you to success? Imagine being empowered to transmute sorrow into joy, laziness into action, and poverty into prosperity with nothing more than a simple decision?

The 7 Principles in this book will inspire you to change any negative trait you carry internally into a positive one that will improve your life.  You will be empowered to manifest your personal elixir of life. With this elixir, you will find yourself enjoying life much more, no longer bogged down by negative thought patterns or habits, no longer mired in the consequences of poor decision-making and negative actions, and free to live a life attuned and aligned with your highest desires.  All it takes is a willingness on your part to make the necessary changes to get to where you want to be.

This book will show you a straight forward and practical process to make any negative influences work to your advantage.

How do I know? I'm Rev. James McNeil Hickey and I am a spiritual alchemist. I have over 20 years experience as a spiritual counselor helping people just like you effect real and sustainable positive changes into their lives. I wrote this book because simply put, it needed to be written. Everyone needs to become empowered to change their life for the best.

In this book you will learn:

-How to find the silver lining to every cloud.

-Just how weak any negativity truly is.

-How to utilize your triggers for positive healing and growth.

-How to recognize the opportunity in any challenge you face.

-How taking care of yourself first further empowers you to help others.

-And much more.

Buy this book today and start on the path towards a brighter and more positive you.

Body, Mind & Spirit
25 March
Rev. James McNeil Hickey
Draft2Digital, LLC

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