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The Adept : Knight . . . Warrior . . . Doctor . . . Detective . . .

Defender of the Light!

He is eternal, but so are his foes.

   Through countless lives and eras, the Adept has fought the powers of Darkness. Now as mystic, healer and historian, Sir Adam Sinclair is Master of the Hunt, leader of a secret brotherhood at war with the dark and unholy Powers that menace our world. In his time, he has challenged the forces of evil and been victorious. But evil is rising once again—an extraordinary evil born of ancient elemental magic and twentieth-century ambition. As his most dedicated enemies rise against him, Adam Sinclair will face the most unthinkable crime against the Light he serves: the murder of its defenders.

Shadow Arising!

Behind the altar, Soulis and Redcap merged together in a blur of sulphur and shadow. Out of that blur two harsh voices called out as one in cacophonous invocation. Amid the ringing chaos of otherwise unintelligible syllables, Adam heard the name Taranis—warning that the unholy pair were uniting their powers to summon the dark Lord of Lightning.

Their voices rose to a screaming crescendo. In that instant, the air above the altar was riven by a blinding bolt of blue-white lightning.

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  “This tale packs thrills ... The tug-of-war between the armies of light and darkness escalates into a full-blown battle ... Psychometry, scrying, astral projection and other armaments in the occult arsenal are unleashed with wild abandon.”

 — Publishers Weekly

  “Maintains the high standars of Kurtz and Harris’ classic reworking of the occult detective theme. Sir Adam and friends may yet achieve the popularity of Manly Wade Wellman’s John the Balladeer. If and when they do, it will be deserved.”

— Booklist

“Good adventure ... satisfying.”

—Locus Magazine 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
25 December
Event Horizon Publishing Group
Event Horizon Publishing Group, LLC

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