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Taken from her people. Claimed by an alpha. Forced into a new life.
In a time before tools of metal and houses of wood, tooth and claw rule the wild places of the world.

The Moon People have been enemies to Netya's kind for as long as the stars can remember. They are monsters, demons, men and women who take the shapes of beasts. The murderers of her father.
An outsider taken as a prize by the pack, Netya must overcome suspicion, rivalry, and the division of her own heart as she grows to realise that monsters wear many different faces.
Among the Moon People she uncovers the potential of a life she never knew existed. The chance for a woman to become something more than a prize, or a mother, or a concubine. But as the alpha and others vie for her heart, the powerful huntress Vaya seeks to purge Netya from her pack.
Before Netya can decide where she belongs, she must endure the trials of love, hatred, and heartbreak. The girl taken as a trophy must become a woman.

170,700 words in length. Contains explicit sexual content.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
22 November
Claudia King
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Drisona ,


I was totally shocked by how excellent this book is. Wow! Stunning from start to finish. Original, well paced, great characters... just everything you want in a story. This person can seriously paint a picture with words. Honestly I was just looking for some smut, but I was hooked within a few pages. More, please.

Emenememily ,


Beautifully written story with great character development. I came across this book by chance and was pleasantly surprised. Couldn’t put it down.

Jayjay Milla ,

So much more than a concubine!

Don't judge this book by its cover/title! It is an absolutely great read about a young girl's transformation into a strong woman, trying to overcome prejudice, challenge tradition, and find her place and her purpose. Interesting characters, culture, and just enough romance without taking away from the substance of the story. I could not put it down!

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