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"Harry Potter", "Lord of the Rings", "Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe".
Looking for something else TOTALLY UNIQUE” to read? Let your mind run riot with this Epic Trilogy of Myths, Magic and Monsters stories.
The Ancestral Trail Trilogy has it all and guarantees that “different story” even without a Dragon, or a Werewolf anywhere in sight.

The Ancestral Trail was first published in beautifully pictured set of magazine format in 1993. (The complete readable history on the same stories and also shows those fantastic drawings – Google theancestraltrail.com).
The three books in the trilogy are:-
1) Long Ago & Far Away (Ancient World)
2) New Time & Time Again (Cyber World)
3) Once Upon a Time & Time Again (Today World)

The Ancestral Trail Trilogy is the proper book of the first set of stories in a three-book format now being published. It tells the story of a boy that is suddenly plucked from his home world and sent to a new place, known as the Ancestral World. There, he learns that he is The Chosen One, appointed to save this world of mythical beasts from a great evil being known simply as The Evil One. A pig-like soldier and an intellectual waif-like female scribe throughout the journey ably accompany the boy to the first of three totally different worlds, the Ancient World, Cyber World and Modern Day World of Today

Said Evil One has already conquered the Ancestral World by stealing six pods from the “Tree Of Life” and imprisoning six Ancestral Guardians.

Since the beginning of time, creatures of the air, land and water have lived in peace in the Ancestral World. Landsmen, common beasts, birds and fishes have dwelt in harmony with insects, reptiles and mythical beasts. Ruled with fairness and wisdom by the Council of Guardians, they have known neither suffering nor the ravages of war.

Now an evil spirit has come to this land and is laying waste to all that is good. The Forces of Evil have gained ground fast and many of these peaceful creatures have been killed or have fallen under the Evil One's power. The Life Force of the Ancestral World is almost at an end.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
21 December
Frank Graves
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Shane Garvey ,


I bought the Ancestral trail part work when I was younger. I knew it had been re written from the original source material. I now also know why. This book REALLY needs a good editor to go over it. It is a mess and, at times, hard to read.

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