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THE ANCESTRAL TRAIL TRILOGY (Book Number Two of Trilogy)
New Time & Time Again - THE CYBER WORLD
This is the Fifth Epic Novel Published in 2014
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The Cyber World was a calm, serene and happy place, a true new frontier because it gave
opportunity to make huge gains in many areas. This was only possible because it took shape
in a new world that was untamed and untainted by events throughout the universe. The Cyber
World became a fresh start on a whole new planet but, like events set in motion by all great
adventurers Evil has now entered this Cyber World, there is no way out
There are Life Forces that need to be rescued.

Over the centuries, astronomers have provided increasing evidence that Earth, the Solar
System and the Milky Way do not occupy a special position in the cosmos.
Our young hero finds out that not only are we not at the centre of existence — much less the
corrupt sinkhole surrounded by the pure crystal heavens, as in early geocentric theology —
he finds that the Universe has no centre and no edge.
However, if the asymmetry can't be explained away so simply, it could indicate that some new
physical mechanisms are at work in the early history of the Universe.

His path back home, this atmospheric shore
Was not a place a Chosen One would happily endure
For a new quest to find what evil Universe may hold
Another voyage, a journey he never sought to explore

(Young Adult) Myths, Magic & Monsters
Graves is once again busily updating and re-writing the full "Ancestral Trail Trilogy" in
the form of three major novels each being approx. same in size. In January 2014, the first
section covering a journey through an 'Ancient World' within "The Ancestral Trail Trilogy"
named "Long Ago & Far Away" in an EPIC major novel that was published Jan 2014.
This is the second continuing section of the trilogy name "New Time & Time Again" that
covers his journey across a 'Cyber World' published in November 2014.
The third section of the trilogy named "Once Upon & Time Again", covering our 'Present Day
World' will be published early in 2015.

(See the Ancestral Trail website for further detail on
each novel and also the YouTube Video promotion)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
12 November
Frank Graves
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