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A research-based toolbox for anyone who wants to create a world with more justice, creativity, and innovation.

For ideas to evolve and for societies to progress, we desperately need rebels to challenge conventional wisdom and improve on it. Unfortunately, most of us fear non-conformists, perceiving them as disloyal, reckless, destructive, or just plain weird. Because most would-be rebels lack the strength and skills to overcome hostile audiences, principled insubordination remains an under-leveraged asset in the workplace and public square.
Based on cutting-edge research, The Art of Insubordination is the essential guidebook for anyone seeking to be heard, make change, and rebel against an unhealthy, stagnant status quo. The book also gives the rest of us the evidence-based strategies we need to become better allies of our leaders in change, ensuring that the best ideas, products, and solutions survive and win the day. Inside this book lies answers to several questions including:  

   What are the most effective ways to express unpopular, important ideas?
   How can we help principled rebels be heard and influential? 
   How can we better manage the discomfort when trying to rebel or interacting with a rebel?
Filled with fresh and engaging stories about dissenters in the trenches as well as science that will make you see the world in a different way, The Art of Insubordination is for anyone who wants to see more justice, creativity, inclusion, cultural dynamism, and innovation in the world. 

Business & Personal Finance
February 15
Penguin Publishing Group
Penguin Group USA Inc.

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