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Lottie collects dead creatures and lovingly cares for them, hoping to preserve them, to save them from disintegration. Her father understands—Lottie has a scientific mind, he thinks. Her aunt wants it to stop, and she goes to cruel lengths to make sure it does.

And her mother? Lottie’s mother died long ago. And Lottie is searching for a way to be close to her.

The Art of Taxidermy is a heartbreaking verse novel exploring love and death, grief and beauty, and the ways we try to make sense of it all.

Sharon Kernot writes poetry and fiction. Her work has appeared in a variety of journals, magazines and anthologies including Island, Mascara Literary Journal, Best Australian Poems, and Australian Love Stories.

‘Completely mesmerising, fresh and unexpected.’ Diana Sweeney, winner of 2013 Text Prize 

‘An intense exploration of grief.’ Steven Herrick

‘[An] exquisite lyrical verse novel…[A] sharply evocative tale.’ West Weekend

‘The work couples the swift, clipped charm of a verse novel and the unpredictable beauty of the Australian landscape in a captivating manner that showcases an author entirely comfortable with her form…Lingers in the mind for weeks afterwards.’ Tulpa Magazine

‘Kernot has created an intriguing tale of mystery and the imagination with a haunting ambience that the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe would recognise and admire…this is a delightful story about grief transformed and the urge to resurrect and to re-create.’ Saturday Paper

‘This book is beautifully written…while the novel is about grief, it is also about the importance of remembering and keeping the memory of loved ones alive.’ Magpies Magazine

‘In lyrical language, Kernot draws a comparison between the Australian bush and death: both are beautiful and desolate at once.’ Readings 

‘Kernot’s writing is imbued with life and grace and moments of infectious joy.’ SA Weekend

Young Adults
2 July
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