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For women who long for serious commitment in a relationship, the harsh reality is that if they can't get a man to call them back for a second date, they will be doomed to a life of single-date relationships with no "till death do us part."

Dating expert, Victorya Michaels Rogers, author of Finding a Man Worth Keeping, tells how in this book she went from no dates to being pursued by an Academy Award winner, a rock star, a gospel singer, a preacher, an athlete, and more--until she found the man she decided was worth keeping.

Rogers has dating down to a science, and shares her expertise in sure-fire, guaranteed-to-work secrets. And the best part is that these secrets work for any single woman at any age--secrets that will teach readers how to:

• Evaluate her own personal plusses and minuses and learn how to enhance her finest qualities while minimizing negatives.

• Find eligible men, even involving friends and family in her search

• Flirt just enough to get him to come over and ask her out

• Charm her way through her first phone call

• Dress for the first date

• Establish rapport and relax in the first fifteen minutes of her first date

• Keep the first-date conversation all about him so she can (1) see if he matches her "wish list" and (2) keep him interested in his favorite subject--himself.

• Use body language, gestures, and vocal tone to communicate just what she wants him to know

• Flatter a man with believable, genuine compliments

• Know how far to go on the first date

• Let him down easy if there's no "spark"

• Not to scare him off by being too pushy

Rogers has discovered the secrets to finding and keeping the man of your dreams and has proven that her methods work. She went on dates with more than one hundred men in eighteen months, 98 percent of whom asked her out for a second date. Written for women, by a woman who practiced what she preaches, this book is guaranteed to teach women how to transform their repeat-date ratio.

16 October
Howard Books
Simon and Schuster Australia Pty Ltd.

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