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Drawing on considerable experience as both parents and professionals in the paediatric profession, the best-selling parenting experts Dr. William and Martha Sears have produced the definitive guide to the frequently fraught and troublesome topic of sleep.

The Sleep Book is designed as a practical and contemporary guide to parenting, ensuring you can get your child to sleep and making sure night time isn’t dreaded. Containing the latest medical research, and providing informed and considered advice on all the issues, this book offers guidance and support to keep you and your child rested and refreshed.

Includes advice on all aspects of sleep such as:
• 8 infant sleep facts every parent should know
• 31 ways to get your baby to sleep and stay asleep
• Bedwetting
• Hidden medical causes of night waking
• Sleep trainers
• Night weaning – 12 alternatives for the all-night nurser
• Night terrors
• 5 reasons why high need infants sleep differently
• Sleep safety
• SIDS: the latest research on how sleeping with your baby is safe
• Co-sleeping: Yes, No, Sometimes

An invaluable resource for parents of young children, The Baby Sleep Book provides guidance on how to get your baby to sleep, what to do if he wakes up to often, what to do if he sleeps to much. It also helps with moving the place of sleep, sleepwear, managing the sleep time of more than one child, and night time feeding.


Praise for The Baby Book:

'Encyclopaedic, clear, modern and engaging… Among the best parenting books out there.' Junior

About the author

William Sears, M.D, and Martha Sears, R.N., are the paediatric experts on whom American parents rely for advice on all aspects of pregnancy, birth, childcare, and family nutrition. Dr. Sears was trained at Harvard Medical School's Children's Hospital and has practices paediatrics for more than thirty years. Martha Sears is a registered nurse, certified childbirth educator, and breast feeding consultant.

6 February
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Customer Reviews

Allysmummy ,

Thank god

Really great book. particularly for first time parents who have tried the conventional parenting advice of 'supported crying' and found it either didn't work (I.e. Baby's crying did not gradually decrease over time but actually escalated) and/or made sleep time a nerve racking horrible battle of the wills that left baby in serious distress and mothers nerves in shreds. It always just felt wrong to me to leave my baby to cry herself to sleep but I kept going because of the advice that if I picked her up or assisted her to fall asleep that I was actually doing harm by preventing her from learning how to do it herself. Or that she would wake up not in my arms where she fell asleep and 'freak out'. This has not been my experience, in fact quite the opposite. She loves her varied bedtime routines and associations as detailed in the book and falls asleep so peacefully and remains asleep until morning unless she is going through a growth spurt and needs a night feed(bubs 6 months old now). There's no crying no sick feeling in my stomach, just harmony and peace. Thanks dr sears for giving parents the permission to nurture their babies in this way, it has made the very difficult early months of parenthood so much more bearable.

Beksmundy ,


Not only Is this book completely illogical but it also defies basic math!! According to sears a three month old baby should be sleeping 14-15 hours a day (24hr period) with two naps 1-1/2hours long (somehow calculated in the book as 3-4 hours total) waking up multiple times through the night for feeds and eight pm is considered an early bed time! How Is that possible? You would have to be sleeping in half he day! I really am so glad I did not read this book before I had my first child, might have put me off - an example of a fifteen month old waking "only" twice during the night for a feed just boggles my mind.

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