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Five Tales of First Anal Sex at Work

First anal sex is adventurous enough as it is but when you add in an office environment, it gets steamy beyond compare! Here are five stories of first anal sex happening at work, and these stories range from rough gangbangs to double team stories and more. It’s all just a click away, and we’re sure you’ll love these tails of backdoor bliss at the office! (Yes, we spelled “tails” like that on purpose.)

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various office sex encounters. It includes rough sex, reluctant sex, first anal sex, double team sex, g******g sex, and more. It is intended for mature adults who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

1. CASUAL FRIDAY (A Very Rough Office G******g Sex Short) by Julie Bosso

Cheryl doesn’t quite understand that casual Friday isn’t “dress like a complete whore” Friday, and she’s going to suffer for it! Her sales manager is ready to take her completely, and she has to put up with some very rough oral sex. That’s not all that’s in store for Cheryl in this office sex short, though, because he calls in two of his associates, and she has to take on all three, and that means hard rough sex, her first anal sex, and a scorching double team!

2. DOUBLE TEAMING THE ALPHA BLONDE (A Young Lady Double Team Sex in the Office erotica story) by Kate Youngblood

Blair is excited about her new position, but she’s also a little bit nervous when her boss asks her to handle the training of a couple of interns, especially when one of the interns is the CEO’s nephew! She expects a pimply faced brat, but she’s surprised to find that William is very handsome and very fit. The second intern is very attractive as well. It’s a good thing they’re good looking because these two men have plans for the young blonde…a rough double team sex encounter complete with rough oral sex and first anal sex!

3. THE BOSS GIVES UP HER BACKDOOR (Bound and Bent Over by My Employee) A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Jane Kemp

Eric was…well, Eric was wonderful. There had been plenty of nights he’d filled my mind as I used my hands to bring myself to a thunderous climax. He was hot as hell, smart as a whip, and a hard worker to book. The only problem was he was my employee. Fortunately, that didn’t stop us, and one late night at the office we found ourselves unable to hold back. I didn’t expect things to go the way they did, though, and before long my wrists were bound behind my back and I was having my very first anal sex experience!

4. THE FACEBOOK SLUT (Blackmailed Into First Anal Sex for the Job) by Jane Kemp

Sydney really needs a job, but when her perspective employer scans her Facebook page, she realizes her partying and sexual exploits are going to interfere with her job offer. Fortunately for her, the photos of her half-dressed adventures turn him on. Unfortunately for her, Mr. Perkins like it’s rough, with a great deal of hard oral sex and an absolute insistence on taking her tiny, untouched ass! This office sex short will see Sydney, the Facebook slut, filled in every hole.

5. YOU TOOK IT. NOW TAKE IT! (A Very Rough G******g Short) by Veronica Halstead

Grace needs money for her company, and to get it she has to go to David Barnes, who’s still angry that she refused his sexual advances early in their careers. David makes a simple deal. He’ll fund her company, but he gets to own her body for a full weekend. Desperate, she agrees, but she finds out that David’s plans for his property include using her to satisfy not just his own desires, but some of his major shareholders as well. It’s a rough first g******g complete with her first anal sex, hard deep throat, and double team sex!

Fiction & Literature
5 October
Naughty Daydreams Press
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