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There I was. Walking through the open door to the Jewel — the nicest, most expensive restaurant in a several town radius — followed close behind by my best friend of almost eight years and arguably who could be the love of my life. Needless to say, I felt a little in over my head and the swarm of butterflies in my stomach was inevitable.

As I made my way into the restaurant, I couldn’t help but let me jaw drop at the incredible layout of its interior. Mahogany wood furnishes drowned every inch of wall, pillar, ceiling, floor and table space. The tables lining the walls were separated by high backed booths and the ones that filled the rest of the restaurant left plenty of space in between one another to provide adequate privacy between the occupying parties. Every table was lined with a marvelous maroon colored table cloth, topped with several real burning candles. I marveled at how they possibly could have stayed lit all night. Giant jeweled chandeliers hung from the ceiling, casting a low golden light throughout the restaurant. Paired with a small band playing smooth jazz near a beautiful grand piano in the corner, the ambience was one made for rich CEO’s and the traveling movie star out on vacation at their coastal boat house. I felt very out of place for a poor college student. I wondered how Jack expected to pay for the coming meal, and then I remembered that his parents owned one of the most successful companies in Europe. Then I wondered why I hadn’t been taking advantage of that before.

1 August
Danielle Jamesen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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