The Billionaires Second Chance: A Doctor Mafia Romance

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Three sexy reads to tempt your senses!

You don't have to be a damsel in distress to love a man who takes charge.

Sink your teeth into these seductive Billionaires and the women they worship. Make sure to bring a glass of water!

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Book one: The Doctor's Claim: A Billionaire Single Daddy Romance (Billionaire's Passion Book 1)

Alex a Billionaire trauma surgeon...
You'd think it would get me some time off to enjoy myself.
Unfortunately, this holiday, I'm heading up to White Pines, Wisconsin to see my family.
I end up on the goddamn bus, protecting a cute little thing from an a*****e who's getting grabby.
I don't take too kindly to people pawing at what's mine, and from the minute I lay eyes on pretty Chloe Becker,
I have a feeling she's meant to be mine. Then I find out she's got a baby in her, and, other man's baby or no,
something about a sweetly breeding girl just drives me wild.
She's an innocent girl, whose idea of fun is burgers and star gazing…

Maybe before the holiday season is over I can show her what kind of fun I like to get up to.

Book two: The Widow's First Kiss: A Billionaire and A Virgin Romance (Dreams Fulfilled Book 1)

When the prettiest young widow in the world comes walking into my life with her adorable daughter, I fall pretty damn fast.
I've put my career first for most of my life, and now that I'm past forty,
I'm starting to wonder if it's time to think about all the things I sacrificed.
Like having a family. Having a sweet face to wake up to in the morning,
and loving arms to fall into at night. Lorena just might be the right person to fix all of that for me.
Winning her over is going to take some work; she has a baby daughter to protect,
along with her own broken heart. But that's not the complication I'm worried about.
My ex, expert gold digger Andrea Case, is inserting herself into my family's Christmas celebration, manipulating my mother into making sure she can stay.
Is she going to ruin Christmas? Or can I find out a way to save it for all of us?

Book three: Unexpected Ride: A Dark Mafia Romance (Never Been Caught Book 1) 

I jacked a car tonight with a bound woman in the trunk.

Looks like I saved her life-isn't that ironic?

Now she's offering me a pile of jewels to get her to Montreal.

I take the job to get a chance at taking her.

Those first few nights are hot-but she's got a secret.

She's the mob boss's daughter and he wants her back.

I haven't had a woman this amazing in my entire life.

I'll drive like the devil to keep her safe.

But with both the mob and the FBI after us, do we have a chance of a clean getaway?

29 March
Michelle Love
Draft2Digital, LLC

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