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In this 4,000 word short story, Hazel is given a book called 'The Bimbo Lessons' by a handsome and well-muscled co-worker, Kyle. While initially angry about it, after she reads it, not only does she realize that the book is the absolute best thing in the world, she also wants to thank Kyle for teaching her the truth: that she's his sexy, horny bimbo. What follows is an intensely erotic encounter between a bimbo and her new man. Mature audiences only.


A good bimbo always wants to please her man.

That's what the first chapter was about. Each word she read, each sentence that her eyes gazed over, made her feel a growing warmth in her body. Skimming was no longer an option – her vision locked on to each word, even as the words grew harder to read. The book was saying so many things, and her head hurt to read them all, but each word seemed perfect and true.

“A good bimbo always wants to please her man,” Hazel murmured, the words rolling along her tongue. “Pleasing her man is the reason for a bimbo's life...”

It felt natural, those words. She smiled softly to herself as she read, even let out a little airy giggle, a sound she would never have made before. But now it seemed right to giggle. A bimbo never laughs, she always giggles was what the book said, and it seemed very, very important that she pay attention to what the book said.

But she didn't have a man. How could she please him, if he didn't exist? She tried to think, but realized that she was breaking the first rule for bimbos. A good bimbo never thinks for herself. She wondered if the book had some advice for this situation. Opening it back up, she could only hope it did. What was a bimbo like her to do, if she didn't have a man to think for her?

It didn't take long for a ditzy smile to crawl across her face. Hazel should never had doubted the book. Of course it would have an answer for this. It had an answer for everything, it seemed, and the more she read, the more she knew that each and every answer made total and complete sense. Even though the more she read, the harder it was to read in the first place.

That didn't matter, though. Once she was done with this book, she would never have to read another one again. A good bimbo never reads anything that's thicker than a magazine, the book explained. And the book was very clear on what magazines she should be reading.

Hazel stood up, setting the book down. She wouldn't need it right now. It had already given her the answer she was looking for, and all that was left was to take care of it for herself. It would be the last thing she would have to handle by herself, Hazel thought with a smile. Soon, she would have a man to take care of things for her. Just like she needed. Just like she had always wanted.

Fiction & Literature
3 February
Joy C. James
Draft2Digital, LLC

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