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The Book Of Common & Uncommon Proverbs
by Clifford Sawhney

Over 1,000 Fully annotated Proverbs.

The Only Book To List Proverbs by Country and Culture Plus Scores Of English Equivalent Sayings Quoted Throughout.

While there are numerous Indian and foreign books on proverbs, what sets this book apart is that this is the only one to list proverbs by country and culture with entries from A to Z.

Besides, many of the annotations are comprehensive with extra information on certain cultures and customs, which will enhance readers’ general knowledge.

And readers seeking proverbs on specific topics can simply flip to the Index and find what they are looking for.

Furthermore, the emphasis of this book is on uncommon proverbs, which ensures readers more value for money.

There is a special section on Indian sayings, under the heading Oriental Proverbs.

The book contains almost 25 per cent Indian proverbs.

The universal insights and moral teachings in these proverbs will undoubtedly help readers broaden their mental and spiritual horizons.

About The Author:-

Clifford Sawhney has over 20 years’ experience in the print media, corporate communications and publishing industry.

Besides writing a plethora of articles on varied topics, he has also edited a couple of magazines and helped launch five periodicals.

His writings have appeared in the Hindustan Times, Discover India, Life Positive, Parade, Parenting, Clarity, Debonair, Hotel & Food Service, Rave, e-Commerce, The Diplomatist, and other periodicals.

Currently a consultant in the print media and publishing industry, the author imparts the same professional touch to his books that he did as a journalist.

The Book of Common & Uncommon Proverbs is his fourth book for Pustak Mahal, after Medical Jokes & Humour, The World’s Greatest Seers & Philosophers and Strange But True Facts.

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11 December
Pustak Mahal

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