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This is a humorous true story about our 18 year old cat who died of a brain tumor. He was unusual inasmuch as he had learned to play dead and together he and I had a routine.

First, however, the cat had an encounter with a lobster. On a summers day a number of years ago, my wife and I were going to have an old fashioned New England clambake. Just the two of us. We purchased a lobster and two quarts of steamers and the placed the bag in the foor space under the dash on my wife's side of the car.

At a traffic light I rattled the bag and the lobster came alive and hopped out of the bag. At a local convenience store parking lot, I was able to get the lobster back into the bag and this time into a cooler we had in the trunk.

When we got home, I filled the kitchen sink with cool water and placed the lobster and clams into it until we were ready to cook.

My wife and I were enjoying a drink and watching the cooking shows on public TV and all of a sudden were startled by the loud MEOW - and WEEEOW of the cat. It had jumped up onto the kirchen counter and was slapping the crustacean with its paw.

One of the rubber bands holding a claw secure came un-done and the lobster was fighting for its life.

I was able to get the lobster into a pot of tepid water and did not realize that as the water heated up the lobster would try to escape. Back to the TV when all of a sudden the lobster kicked the cover off and onto the floor with a loud bang. The cat ran in the opposite direction and I spent the next ten minutes pressing the cover onto the pot with a hand towel until the lobster was no longer kicking.

This short true story has a series of adventures with our cats over the years. Hope you enjoy!

August 25
Robert Chapin
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Girl in the sun ,


A giggle for anyone who has ever owned a cat. Readable and light, would read more of this writer - good luck with your full length books.

Stuck & fireless ,

Good story

I am not a cat person I thought it was lovely

Alisia Hanna ,

My cats

That is a great but sad story.😢 I love kittens and cats so much. I'm very sorry for your loss. My first at was Putchey.He lived around 1and a half years. He was a brown and white cat. I was a baby and I never understood but I loved him. We were having a BBQ and all my cousins chased him and hit him.he came back few weeks later but after few weeks he was gone.we called him and put food everywhere around the yard. He used to be in a lot of cat fights and we thought he got in a cat fight and was killed.our second cat cat was Tiger.he lasted 2 and a half years. He got in a lot of cat fights too. My oldest brother Johny loved him so much.he was a ginger cat. One night me and my brother were next door at my aunties house and we saw a cat walking across the fence but we didn't know he was ours because it was so dark. Opposite my neighbour were two big dogs and they were hitting the fence. All of a sudden the cat fell into their back yard. All we heard was a cat scream and dogs bark. The next day we kept calling out "TIGER, TIGER!!" But he never came. We put food everywhere.our third cat is still alive. We got him when he was a baby kitten. He is very very white, whiter than snow so we called him snowy. It's been 4 years. Few months ago he had a very big cat fight but he got better after a few weeks. They pulled one of his claws out and his face was scratched. That was the first time he ever had a fight. It's been few times people have locked him up for 3 days. I got very worried that I would lose him. My older brother Johny didn't want a new cat because he still loved tiger.mum told us that the big box is for books from her friend but the box was for snowy. My brother said that he would of rathered books than a new cat. My brother now loves him so much. He still hasn't forgotten tiger. I love all my cats and still have pictures of him. The story u wrote was cute and sad.

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