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The Theory of Evolution has been around for 150 years, and has had a great influence on the way people look at the world. This book considers the invalidity of the theory of evolution at a lay level. Evolutionists’ claims on certain matters are responded to with questions that are frequently asked, the meanings of which are not often understood. The answers provided in this book can be found in more scientific detail in other Harun Yahya books such as The Evolution Deceit, and Darwinism Refuted.

Science & Nature
11 July
Global Publishing
G1oba1 Inc.

Customer Reviews

Charles Dawkins ,

What a joke!

It's amazing what kind of argument you can make when you choose the evidence to make your case with.

Many of the "facts" in this book are out of date or just plain wrong.

Scientific knowledge developers through the gradual adjustment of a theory based on whats observed, not preserved based on an shakable concept which will never be changed.

I really wish religious idiots would stop trying to act scientific, they just don't get it.

TobesF ,

Don't know what I expected...

A baseless, straw-man rant. Not an actual representation of science, more one man's very personal and ill-informed attack.
Claims to the effect of "no scientific evidence", need to be made with a little more care. Plenty of evidence exists for the slow alteration of genes in populations. There's genetic similarity between species that closely mimics theorized evolution patterns - changes in the shapes and numbers of chromosomes (from species to species) can be tracked throughout evolutionary history to the events that caused them.

I don't think evolution disproved God; I think it's likely that genesis reads more as an analogy of the history of the universe than with the exactness of an engineer's blueprint. The question is, does Genesis prove God to be simple?

This book could have been much more interesting

TankJirl ,

Beware this book is wrongly categorised - it is a Musllim religous document

iTunes - this author is putting propoganda out in the wrong category. Please remove to the religious section.

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