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"It seemed that nothing was going to go right for me that day. I had finally made up my mind to end it all and jump off the Neuse River Bridge. Then I picked up a hitchhiker and the world changed."
So begins the story of Rick&Jerry. I hope you’ll decide to follow along with them as they pull their lives together, face their fears and failures, and search for their dreams.
This is the complete edition of all seven of the Rick&Jerry eBooks.
Jerry is gay, ordinary-looking, and getting into his 40’s. He’s lost his job as a CT Tech some months ago and been unable to find employment. His money is running out. Depressed and discouraged, he decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge in a nearby town and is on his way down the highway. Then his car dies and leaves him stranded on the side of the road.
Rick is a recently retired Marine who’s been hitchhiking around the countryside, trying to outrun the nightmares that follow him. He manages to get Jerry’s car running again, so Jerry offers him a ride, figuring he can easily get rid of his passenger long before he reaches the bridge.
This is their story as they get to know each other and we learn more about their pasts. It’s an engrossing journey as these two broken souls do what they can to save each other. Both men are willing to go out of their comfort zones for each other. There’s plenty of graphic sex to spice things up, as well as action/adventure and emotional turmoil.

Fiction & Literature
5 May
Karl Five
Smashwords, Inc.

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