The Complete Guide To Property Finance

Toolbox Of 50+ Financing Solutions Beyond Buy-To-Let

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Publisher Description

Book Objective

The expectation is for you to be better equipped to go and do more property deals, by accessing more sources of property finance.

It includes over 50 of the most common real estate property finance solutions and strategies. These form 'tools' for your property finance 'toolbox'. Use these tools to grow and scale your property interests as you become more confident and experienced.

The book will act as a 'readable reference guide' that can be read straight through, dipped in and out of as needed or revisited later for more complex strategies, as you mature in your own property investment and development activities.

"Property finance comprises payment over time and/or a financial contribution and/or control without ownership of our property investments and developments. Property finance is, therefore, the combination of the three levers of money, time and control over property assets."

There are over 50 different property finance solutions covered across three main categories.
Institutional Finance - this is what most people would think of when considering finance; it is money provided through a traditional source, such as a bank.Alternative Finance - this is money that comes from a less familiar source, such as people we know and non-traditional providers like crowdfunding, P2P lenders and even the taxman!Creative Finance - this source of property finance mimics other forms of funding through the use of different commercial and contractual structures, such as delayed/conditional completion, options and even rent-to-rent.
Book structure and layout

Eighteen 'content chapters' that follow this pattern...
What you need to know - the nuts and bolts of each type of financing, including where to get it, the costs, rates, etc.Top Tips - the author's additional commentary from his personal experience.Advantages & BenefitsDisadvantages & RisksReality Check - a chapter conclusion addressing some of the real-world practicalities of accessing and utilising these forms of financeCase Studies & Additional Content - several chapters include real-life case studies. More case studies and additional resources are available through the free book bonuses.
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Enjoy the book!

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