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Not all businesses are created equal. So what separates consulting from the rest?

One of the best ways to judge a business model is on the following criteria:

Effort: how much work and time does it take to operate?

Profit: how efficient is monetization of the business?

Fragility: how easily is it disrupted by competitors, economic recessions and other external factors?

These three pillars give you a strong gauge on not only how well a business model will perform… but how long it will perform.

Score any of the most popular models being pushed today – whether course creation, ecom, dropshipping or freelancing – and you’ll find they each fall short in at least one area.

But there’s ONE model unlike the rest. This little thing called “consulting.”

When you set up a consulting business correctly – it shines in all three criteria.

You only need to work as much as you want to work. The margins are high. And you can easily weather any storm.

After building his own consulting business, and helping countless clients do same, Taylor Welch is finally pulling back the curtain on how you can do it too.

Taylor’s main consultancy, Traffic & Funnels, services tens of thousands of customers and clients each year, many of whom are brand new to consulting. Including everyone from...

• Freelancers and agency owners looking to decrease the “done for you” or “one-on-one” work

• Health & medical practitioners wanting to use their expertise in new ways

• Retired athletes trying to create new revenue streams in fields they care about

• Moms and dads who want to build part time income without sacrificing pace of life

• Coaches who are tired of the 9-5 grind and want life & wealth on their terms

• Existing consultants who want to learn what T&F clients are doing differently to scale so successfully

These are people from all over the world, incredibly diverse in age, talent, backgrounds and skillsets.

But that’s what’s so great about consulting – it can work for almost anyone. And in this book, Taylor hands you the roadmap.

The Consultant Next Door guides you through everything from picking your niche, crafting your offer and setting your price…

To getting in front of the right people, getting them on the phone, and then enrolling them as new clients…

And then how to scale things up on your own terms so you can spend plenty of time on what’s most important to you outside of your work. After all, there’s no point making so much money if it’s at the expense of enjoying your life, right?

The process is predictable, and it’s all laid out for you inside this book.

So are you ready to find out what’s possible as a highly-sought-after consultant?

Business & Personal Finance
23 October
Traffic and Funnels LLC
Traffic and Funnels LLC

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