The Cost of Bravery Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

Busy1of4 ,

The Cost of Bravery

A great read and for those who have friends with PTSD it will help you understand more about what your friends are experiencing.

Sirrah124578 ,

The Cost of Bravery

Roller coaster of emotions, great read, compelling , horrifying but ultimately uplifting. Read it once, now starting it again. If you know anyone struggling with how to pick themselves up from a bad place - give them this book.

C.A.M... ,

The Cost of Bravery

Great read, wonderful author, tremendous family. An absolute credit to Allan and Deb. thank you for sharing this part of your story. SAR on.

bryanj1964 ,

Slow.... I was on a boat

Started well, then it was all about sailing and cure. As a military wife of a PTSD sufferer I found this read more of a sell than factual. PTSD has caused so many issues over 17 years now. My husband is not cured and we struggle together to do the best we can.

Michaelyacht ,

The Cost Of Bravery

A very powerful story of a true hero, sadly the force he loved so much turned its back on him when he needed them the most. To rise and conquer his dark demons with his family by his side, a truly amazing man. He deserves all the accolades. A most inspiring book.

Hayden Murray ,

The Cost of Bravery

I have know Allan all of my life and was very fortunate to have him as a 'mentor/older brother' like figure during my younger years. His book tells the other side of the story that I was unaware. The multiplicity of contributing factors that lead to the onset of his PTSD is understandable, however, his recovery from the 'bottom' is both remarkable and inspirational. Those that have experienced severe PTSD are the only ones that can comprehend what its like to be at the 'bottom', and therefore so important for them to document their unfortunate mental state so that others can better understand the pain and recognise the onset. His story is proof that support is essential when dealing with such an illness and must be requested before it’s too late. This book is a must read for anybody that may be dealing with PTSD, or those wanting to understand it's severe debilitating effect. Thanks to Allan, he has been brave enough to tell his story to others. He will continue to be my mentor and inspiration in my life.

Justkillingtime1961 ,

A great read !!!

I purchased the book, opened the front cover and was immediately consumed by a truly inspiring story. What a roller coaster ride of emotions experienced.

Buy it, read it and be inspired yourself. Thanks Al for telling it like it was..... and like it is now.

Del Marie Mc ,

The Cost of Bravery

Loved the honesty and passion of one of Australia's most remarkable heroes. Alan is not only a hero for risking his life to save a young man who had been swept into a storm water drain but he is also a hero for openly and honestly bringing to light the emotional trauma police officers so often experience. This book ignites hope for anyone who has suffered post traumatic stress disorder and / or depression. Thank you Alan for opening your heart and sharing it with us. I highly recommend this book and the man who wrote it!
Del Marie
Chaplain, Counsellor, Life Coach