The Crazy Rich Davenports Box Set: Books 1-9

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The Crazy Rich Davenports Season One, Books 1-3

Dare To Enter

It's complicated.

What's complicated?

My life!

Six kids, two stepchildren, a dead husband, a nanny with multiple personalities, and a crazy wig-wearing, drug-selling, sex addict mother is only half the story.

Just when I decide to get my act together by putting down the bottle, my daughter decides to throw a party. 

This is bad, very bad. 

Hot Mess

Ever had one of those days? You know the one…where everything seems to be fighting against you. I can't even get off the toilet without it biting me in the ass! 

Well, that's my life! Everyone wants a piece of me, and I'm fed up. It's time to fight back and gain control over this dysFUNctional family of mine.  

No more drinking. No more sex.  I'm keeping my legs crossed. Jeez, I already sound boring. I can do this! But I swear, if one more secret is exposed, I'm going to be wrangled in the sheets with a hot cowboy again.

Our parties never go as planned. I can feel the mayhem brewing.

Just when I'm ready to throw in the towel when it comes to men, in walks a hot cowboy that kicks my libido in the nuts!

Maybe I'll survive the party…

Fat chance of that.

The Loon

Who says just because I'm old I have to be a fuddy-duddy? I still like to have my thatched cottage prodded by my silver fox's Action Jackson.

My daughter calls me a sex addict. Well, she's a prude. I mean, I am sort of a sex addict, but what I do with my Netherlands is none of her business.

Lucy walks around here saying her life is C-O-M-P-L-I-C-A-T-E-D.  Did I spell that right? My eyes aren't what they used to be. Anyway, I try to make her life as easy as possible. She doesn't thoroughly appreciate my wig-wearing, drug-selling ways. Those little blue pills make me a shitload of money. Not to mention, the appreciative smiles I get from men sporting a b***r.

Now, if I could keep from getting arrested and having to bribe the men in blue with my stash, or the promise of a little funky-funky on the side, my profits would soar.  Then again, I've rather enjoyed the handcuffs I stole from them…

F%#king Screwed

Damn! Shit! Bone a duck! I'm so screwed!

Don't Wake the Dead

Why is this entire family worried about my cherry? Maybe I like being a virgin. Maybe I haven't decided whose side I'm playing on. Why can't it be both?

Then There Were Four

Why can't I be normal? Slutty Pepper and her teenage ways have me hot and bothered all the time...

I Promise to Obey Nothing

Troy or Cash? The choice should be easy....

Boos and Booze

A halloween party you won't soon forget!...

Binge read the entire first season. Nine books in all.

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28 July
Shannyn Leah
Draft2Digital, LLC

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