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Guilt, self-condemnation and lack of ability to accept the simple yet authentic fact that God's forgiveness is available to just ANYBODY, including the worst of sinners and criminals, have impeded the freedom of many people. Lots of people are being held back by their dark and odious past and because of this they just can forgive themselves, despite the fact that God's forgiveness is theirs fort he asking. Such people therefore tend to resign to fate, believing that they are already doomed for hell, because of the terrible iniquities/crimes that they had committed in the past. Here in this book, Dr. Olugbenga Daramola, a pastor and a scientist, proves to the reader from the Bible that there are actually criminals in the Bible as well and that some these criminals eventually made it to heaven. He categorically informs the reader that God is both a God of justice as well as a God of mercy, that is justice is as real as His mercy. He x-rays the lives of certain Bible character who committed hideous and despicable crimes and proves from the Bible itself that some of these criminals escaped hell and made it to heaven. What these criminals did to earn a seat in paradise is simple and twenty-first century sinner or criminal can also do what they did and make it to heaven- they simple repented and avail themselves of the mercy of God before it was too late. This book by Dr. Daramola, is a must read for anybody is being haunted by guilt or finds it pretty difficult to forgive himself/herself.

Religion & Spirituality
4 July
Olugbenga Daramola
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