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This 48,000 word collection contains the following stories in one easy package:

His Desire: Allen has a problem - he gets turned on at the thought of another man sleeping with his wife, Kate. Being too afraid to talk about it with her, though, he figures that nothing will come of his fetish. The arrival of an unwelcome dinner guest, though, forces the issue as he seduces Kate right in front of him. Will he be able to intervene before things go to far, or will he anxiously watch as they travel down an exciting and dangerous path?

The VIP Room: Mandy had always been sexually adventurous in the bedroom. Tim didn't mind her wild side until she began taking complete control of their sex life, going so far as to deny him sex in all but the kinkiest ways. Things go wildly out of control as they visit The Spire - a self-proclaimed sex club - and a few massive strangers take an interest in her. How will their relationship change as the kinky night progresses beyond the boundaries of their wedding vows?

My Wife's New Lover: Libby takes her husband to the bar...but goes home with Mark, a much more impressive man. The erotic taboo is heightened as her husband stays to watch his unprotected wife be dominated by another lover!

Taking Them Both: Chelsea - a lonely, neglected wife - hires two college students to replace her fence. Brock and Jamie find that they hired for more than manual labor when she invites them into her home...and into her bed.

Hotwife For His Birthday: For the last three years, Michael has asked his wife Alyx for the same birthday gift - and every year, Alyx is too afraid to go through with it. This year, however, she decides to grant Mike his ultimate wish: she would become a hotwife and have sex with another man to fulfill his fantasy. The next evening, Alyx meets Zack - the young, charismatic surfer-type that just broke off a long-term engagement with his fiance. Though she still feels as though she's betraying something vital to her husband, Zack's easy charm and Mike's gentle encouragement pushes her to give in to the wild desires that she has been secretly yearning for, but was always too afraid to go through with!

This bundle contains sexual erotic situations. Not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Fiction & Literature
5 February
Soichiro Irons
Smashwords, Inc.

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