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Camp is supposed to be fun, but Sarah hates Camp Cold Lake. The lake is gross and slimy. And she's having a little trouble with her bunkmates. They hate her.

So Sarah comes up with a plan. She'll pretend to drown -- then everyone will feel sorry for her.

But things don't go exactly the way Sarah planned. Because down by the cold, dark lake someone is watching her. Stalking her. Someone with pale blue eyes. And a see-through body...

Young Adults
27 November
Scholastic Inc.
Scholastic Australia Pty Ltd

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Caz44444 ,

Classic Goosebumps #56 The curse of camp cold lake

I’m a huge fan of R.L Stine’s Goosebumps series, and I personally think that all of his books are fantastic, and I could argue with myself up and down with my top 10, but in my opinion, this book definitely would take the number 1 spot hands down. I mean, I read it in one day! And if your looking for a good scare then I would recommend this, because even though half of the book is about Sarah getting picked on, he second part was just bone chilling. And look at that cover! Look at those eyes! That’s awful!
Not only would this make my top 10, but the spirit in this novel, Della, is one of my favourite Goosebumps monsters. She definitely doesn’t beat Slappy the dummy, but she’s still, one of my favourite monsters. Not to mention the revealing of how she really died totally caught me off guard.
This is also one of the darker Goosebumps books. In the end, Sarah does escape Della, but it had a rather horror film twist ending.
So really the story is that Sarah get’s off at a bad start with her bunk mates, she pretends to drown, and then Della comes in trying to convince Sarah to be her “Buddy.”
All together, an fantastic Goosebumps book. Pick it up now!
PS: The fact that Sarah got teleported to some sort of overworld version of Camp cold lake and meets Della there is genius.

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