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Devlin Markham, the notorious “Devil Duke” of Huntington, needs a woman. And not just any woman. If he can’t woo one of the most eccentric bluestockings of the ton within the month, he can kiss his hard-earned fortune goodbye. But he’s always thought love a wasted emotion and marriage an inconvenience at best. And oddly enough, Lady Sophie Wolcott seems unmoved by his charm...

When Sophie learns her beloved orphanage is in imminent danger, she will do anything to save it. Even marry a ruthless rake who takes what he wants in business and pleasure. A man who’s everything she’s always feared most—but whom she reluctantly begins yearning for.
Then Sophie becomes the target of a killer lurking from the dark shadows of Devlin’s past. And they find not only their lives are in jeopardy but also their very hearts.

Each book in the Saints & Scoundrels series is STANDALONE:
* The Devilish Duke
* The Elusive Earl
* The Sinful Scot

February 26
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Nlw68 ,


A great story with mystery and twists and turns to keep you guessing along with fabulous characters.

Kernsy95 ,

Good, but Cringe Bad

It was a good story, intriguing even. But the pacing and the lack of a truly defined timeline, along with a hollow almost barebones backstories that made otherwise somewhat well-rounded characters seem flat, let it down tremendously.

The pacing was all off. One minute it was all fast and things were happening, the next stuff was just sluggishly moving, and these moments were usually the unimportant ones. In fact 85-95% of his book was unimportant and a waste of time because it had barely any bearing on the over arching plot and the “mystery” (if you could eve call it a “mystery”).

There were also a couple - if not several - Chekhov’s Guns. Parts of the story that went no where like Sophie’s mention that she is good at Fencing and that her brother ensured she could defend herself. None of this came back, not even at the end where it should have been.

The ending was also if the generic happy variety and there was no real closure on the “mystery” that seemed like it was supposed to be the main stay plot of this entire overly wordy mess of a book.
Sure the bad guy died, but there was no true conclusion or mention if he had committed any other crimes, as people like him don’t just commit a few crimes and then stop. He was clearly mistreated more than what was stated or his psychopathy was severely mistreated by the author. Because he came off as Serial Killer, but also a bad knock off of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’.

Karza1984 ,

The devilish duke

I found the book delightful and engaging. A good story with humour and intrigue. Well done.

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