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Ava has grown up in the club, her father has been a member since he was a teenager and she loves it more than anything. Sniper her Dad has taught her to take care of herself and she does jobs for the club off the books, she's a great shot and Preacher takes full advantage of that. She loves everything about the club even fighting in the underground MMA fights, she's an undefeated fighter and the money that the club makes, makes her an asset. But Ava wants more, she watches the boys party f**k and ride and she wants that. She wants the respect the Cut brings but being a woman has its downside, the club don't have any female members and Ava wants to be the first one but she'll have to fight her way through the brothers to get to her dream of being a fully patched member and she'll kill anyone so that dream will come true.

Scythe has been in prison for four years, he's dreamed of getting back to the club and the life of partying pussy and riding. His homecoming is everything he's dreamt of and more, the Brothers all welcoming him back into the fold. But Scythe wants more, bringing an idea to the table the Brothers all support his dream of a boxing club. With the club becoming a reality, the Chapters have a club vs club fighting competition with all of the Chapters invited, but when the Oregon Chapter throws a Prospect in at the last-minute Scythe's world changes forever. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined his life would end up head to head with an opponent that will change his life forever.

1 May
Cilla Lee
Draft2Digital, LLC

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