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A focused guide on getting your infant to sleep without crying 

The first months after a babyís arrival can be exhausting, and attempts at quick fixes are often part of the problem. The first 16 weeks of life are a neurologically sensitive period, during which some babies will cry a lot and broken nights are to be expected. But a number of obstacles are accidentally put in the way of a healthy nightís sleep, and much can be done to help your baby cry less. The Discontented Little Baby Book gives you practical and evidence-based strategies for helping you and your baby get more in sync. Dr. Pam offers a path that protects your babyís neurodevelopment so that he or she can reach his or her full potential, at the same time as you learn simple strategies for both living with vitality and enjoying your baby, right in the midst of the challenges of this extraordinary time. With parentsí real-life stories, advice on how to avoid PND, and answers to your questions about reflux and allergies, this book offers a revolutionary new approach to caring for your baby from a respected Australian GP.

27 August
University of Queensland Press
Chicago Review Press, Inc. DBA Independent Publishers Group

Customer Reviews

xindaxinda ,

Must read for practical advice.

A gem of a book with practical approach and sensible advice.

Susiemaez ,

Finally an evidence based sensible book about babies!

This book is a godsend. I'm reading it now with an eight month old and thinking if I had the info 8 months ago how different the first few months would have been! This contains so much evidence based information and is easy to read and understand with personal stories throughout. Finally offers an evidence based alternative to popular approaches on baby sleeping, feeding and settling like Tizzie Hall (cry it out) or responsive settling/controlled crying (most sleep trainers and sleep clinics such as Tresiliian and Karitane), without making mothers feel guilty for using formula or not carrying their babies 24/7. So much useful information about breastfeeding in here for the early days too. Best baby book I have come across.

Cinnamon love ,

Just another go with the flow baby book

I’m on my 3rd child and this book come highly recommended to me, however I found it really missed the mark.
Yes there’s some interesting info but it really did very little to empower my parenting journey. For all the talk and suggestion that you can cure a newborn babies unsettled behaviour by giving them the rich fat milk I was let down when the author didn’t explain how to increase the cream in the milk etc. when having spoken about it so explicitly throughout the text.

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