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Months later and Taryn is starting to feel normal again. Tonight is the Summer Solstice Celebration and Taryn sets out to enjoy the revelry with her best friend, and fellow Bright Elf, Roxy. It is also the full moon and while Taryn is off with her lover, Daniel, raising her magic with their lovemaking, something horrible is happening at the festival. Humans are becoming struck with Moon Madness, turning into crazed, blood hungry beasts, killing anyone they can reach. But what is worse for Taryn is that she cannot find Roxy.

In this action packed, lust filled sequel to the Elfbitten trilogy, Taryn must find her friend and stay alive. But whenever she uses her powers, she drains them little by little, luckily she has Daniel to help replenish her depleted powers.

Weeks after the Summer Solstice Massacre, the supernatural community is starting to come out of hiding, assimilating back into society as the humans begin to recover from their wounds and sorrow. The only thing that had save Taryn from the Moon Madness was a magic charm, a Star of the Shide, given to her by a mysterious green-eyed elf. Now Taryn can’t get him out of her mind and dreams of him and being wrapped in his arms.

He whispers to her in her dreams that she has forgotten what it truly means to be Fae. She has become too human. Now she lives to fuel her magic, rather than her magic fueling her. She turns to her witch-lover, Corbin for help solving the puzzles of her tempting dreams.

Taryn’s magic is fueled by sex and lust, now she has to learn how to return to her true self and allow her magic to be wild and free again. But can Corbin keep up with her new needs?

The epic conclusion of the Elfmoon trilogy. Taryn Malloy, Bright Elf living in a human world, knows there is something missing in her life. All her life, Taryn has refueled her powers with sex and lust, the life-giving forces her people have managed to find in the human world. Fallon, the mysterious green elf, has been walking Taryn’s dreams, showing her a world that once was, that may still be; if she can find it, reawaken the true magic inside of her.

Taryn sets out to seek the land of her people, to open the gateway between her world and the Iron World of the Humans. If she can, Taryn will refuel their true magic and restore balance to their lives. Taryn will dance for the joy of dancing, not just to refuel her magic – she can stop the struggle to just survive, she will truly live again.

Fiction & Literature
29 July
Shauna Granger
Smashwords, Inc.

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