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Are you going blind? I was. Slowly. One morning I woke up and couldn’t read labels anymore. My doctor told me it was a normal part of getting older. But I’m stubborn. I thought there must be another way, but no one seemed to have one. So I finally found my own way. I’ve completely changed how I see my eyes, I’ve improved my vision, and I’d like to share what I found with you.

Dr. Christopher Maloney woke up one day and couldn’t read labels without taking off his glasses. He asked his eye doctor what it was, and got a shrug. It was just part of getting older. Unwilling to accept eventual blindness, Dr. Maloney researched. He started off convinced eyesight was genetic, and ended up convinced it isn’t genetic at all. Along the way, Dr. Maloney found a secret pandemic that doesn’t make the nightly news. We’re not going blind as we age, we’re going blind as a planet. The developed countries of the world are going blind at an astronomical rate, and young people are going blind long before old age can be blamed.

Digging deeper, Dr. Maloney found a conspiracy, complete with doctored data, a madman, and an ongoing prejudice against change so pervasive very few are even questioning the conventional wisdom. All Dr. Maloney wanted to find was a way for him to read grocery store labels without taking off his glasses. What he found instead was a fundamental flaw in the medical model of how we think about our eyesight. Join him as he explores hundreds of studies and explains them in simple language. Dr. Maloney can give you the evidence, and you need to be the judge and jury about if what he’s saying might affect your eyes.

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14 June
Christopher Maloney
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