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That irresistible, tattooed hottie who’s been flirting hard with me since he rode into town? The one who kissed me senseless in the back of a waffle truck the other day? Yeah, turns out he’s my new housemate…

Things I don’t need while up for a promotion to police sergeant—a roomie who makes me think criminal thoughts.

Can I arrest him for being too good-looking?

But I soon learn Derek is is strong, caring, generous, good with kids, and kind to puppies… and might be able to help me with my promotion, which gives me an idea...


A no-strings-attached fling with the fiery redhead who revs my engine? Why, yes, that does sound like a delicious perk of my new job in this new town.

Except, it turns out Perri’s my sexy, sassy landlord.

When she comes to me with a out-of-left-field proposition, resisting her is going to take more than handcuffs

25 March
Little Dog Press
Lauren Blakely Books

Customer Reviews

Cameron682 ,

Great Second Book.

This book lives up to its title. I felt very very good reading it and with its conclusion. I had all the feels - laughing, smirking, sad and elated. It was the full package. I even had some angst over their deadline looming and calling it quits to the practicing for the Kissing Contest. We all know who was going to win! 🔥 🥵 🔥

I was so ready to read more about this couple from their encounter in Best Laid Plans. Everything about the description of Derek was intriguing, especially his dirty mouth! There are so many parts to this book that I was happy with. Derek and Perri are hard working, smart people with demanding jobs that make them both respected in their community. The authenticity of how they first met, ended up as roomies, then their relationship was credible and convincing. I felt like I was one of their gang hanging out and bonding with them. That’s when you know you have completely fallen into a book and I didn’t want to leave. I can NOT wait for Vanessa and Shaw’s story. The tension already has me humming.

Marina Skinner ,

The most amazing entertaining book!

This book was the most amazing entertaining and leave a smile on my face book you will ever read!
Plus with the delicious man on the cover, you cant help but drool!!! I mean seriously, envisioning Derek as him was not a hard task, nope not one bit!!!
The characters, the steamy sizzling tension from the get go and the rather witty banter made this an incredibly fun read!
What made this book so flipping good were the characters, the way they were within their jobs, with their friends and family! This story had so much heart and soul in it I felt like my heart could burst! I would definitely want people like them in my life and I really cannot wait for the next book! Im in awe of the author for writing this heartwarming read!
Dilemmas, drama, beautiful friendships and a whole lot of heat made for a really really really great read! You should definitely 1 click!

Jaxwright57 ,

Omg I’m in love with everything about this book

Omg where to begin !!!!!
Well I guess we should start with the cover now normally I can take or leave a cover but this cover has got to be one of the hottest I have seen and if you find the cover hot I can tell you the story is even hotter !!!! This book has it all, characters you will love, plenty of friendly witty banter, some seriously hot sizzling chemistry and it’s set in a smalltown so what more can you want.
Derek may be the hottest tattooed bike riding man on the planet but that doesn’t make him shallow he is the perfect man, he is caring , he is kind, he has a great sense of humour, he cares about kids and he is now my roommate....... Perri needs a roommate and maybe a no strings attached fling could Derek be the man for that job ......
Derek and Perri are a couple you will fall in love with and The Feel Good Factor is a Book you won’t want to end, you will love at the witty banter, you will sigh at the flirty conversation and you will certainly be left with all the right feels you would expect from a great read and the very talented Lauren Blakely and I’m looking forward to where she takes us next.

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