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Can a CEO with a strict no-dating policy find love with his employee?

Aaron doesn't mix business with pleasure. It only leads to trouble in the workplace. Leah is his perfect assistant. Until he finds her in a compromising position.

Leah is humiliated by being "caught in the act".

Will Aaron fire her on the spot? Or, should he break his policy?

What if Leah leaves without giving him the chance to decide?

Aaron's in the office, and he's got a GIGANTIC reserve.

What happens next? You must read to find out.

Do you like to feel the rapid heartbeat and fluttering butterflies of falling in love?

Then, click "buy" now! Because you don't want to miss out.

Can't get enough? Check out Caught in the Act (Leah's side of the story), A Caught in the Act Christmas (Leah and Aaron after the act), An Unexpected Miracle (Nicole and Lucas' story), and be on the lookout for Trey's story which contain companion characters to those in this short story.

This short story is a standalone book from the hero's point of view.

What troupes are your favorite? This book includes: hero's POV, over-the-top, insta-love, employee/employer romance, contemporary romance, friends to lovers, swoonworthy hero, sweet heroine, rom-com vibe, dirty talking, caught in an intimate act, filthy sex, and a stupid decision that just might break everyone's hearts – yours included.

What more could you want?

No cheating. No cliffhanger. And a guaranteed happy ever after.

This story features graphic depictions of explicit sexual acts and is intended for 18+ readers only. All characters depicted are over the age of 18.

Be prepared for dirty words and even dirtier sex. Enter at your own risk.

4,000 words.

My name is Alexia Chase.

I specialize in quick, dirty, and sweet short stories and novellas. I write for busy working mothers who admire and acquire books that provide the full escape of a novel but don't have a lot of time.

More importantly, I offer insta-love, smutty sex, and swoon-worthy moments that will leave you with a flushed face and a giddy smile. Quick – pray no one is watching and wondering what in the hell is wrong with you because no one else looks that happy.

People who have read my books have the following to say: "This insta-love story is extremely funny, a quick read and just filled with so much good and filthy stuff. I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone that likes Alexia Chase or is just thinking about picking one of her books up for the first time. Just make sure you are reading this where you can laugh out loud and get a crimson face when you read the erotic sex scenes." LF Books
"Loved this!! Interesting characters and storyline. Great attention to detail in the plot. Characters were likeable and relatable. Kept my interest throughout. Enjoyed reading these character's journey together." Lisa

My writing gives busy women that sixty-minute escape they need when they can't afford a trip to the Caribbean with their secret lover, Dimitri.

My Soul Sisters don't even have time to get away from the kids to take a shower.

Quick. Dirty. Sweet.

Alexia Chase

27 July
Alexia Chase
Draft2Digital, LLC

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