The Fortunes of Ruby White The Fortunes of Ruby White

The Fortunes of Ruby White

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Ruby White has burnt her bridges. She has no job, no direction in life, and just enough money to last a month. if she eats only rice and her cat catches his own meals. When her best friend, Anise, holds a dress-up party, Ruby drowns her sorrows and meets Damien, whose vampire costume belies his sweet nature.

With time on her hands, Ruby soon finds herself at a seminar for those who are Hyper-Auto-Aware, a condition she never knew existed, run by the Jaasmyn Empire, a company she's never heard of. To Ruby's astonishment, and that of those who know her, she is offered a job.

Attracting the attention of the charismatic head of the Empire, Jaasmyn, Ruby ignores her misgivings about the Empire's ethics and enjoys fitting in somewhere for the first time in her life. When the reactions of those outside the Jaasmyn Empire become more cynical and her cautious relationship with Damien wavers, Ruby begins to keep her job details secret. As her training progresses, her parents become even more concerned. It seems the zany girl who used to eat chocolate for breakfast and salted pretzels for dinner won't touch anything that isn't organic and the further Ruby penetrates the Empire, the more her behaviour begins to change.

As Ruby disappears into the mire of mind, body and spirit, her friends and family try numerous ways to lure her back but their efforts only push her more into the arms of the Jaasmyn Empire and its mysterious leader. Fortunately Ruby's friend at the empire, DeDe, is onto Jaasmyn and orchestrates an unforgettable media expose. Finally Ruby begins to resemble her old self but will Damien continue to hold a candle for her as a bold new age begins?

Fiction & Literature
1 April
Simon & Schuster Australia
Simon and Schuster Australia Pty Ltd.

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