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The Gender Bender Bundle contains four erotic gender-switching stories by Soichiro Irons in one easy package -

Changed For Her Pleasure: Ezra really isn't into the whole 'club' scene, but he's glad that he went to the rave with Dylan - he wouldn't have met Melanie otherwise. The petite blonde knows how to show Ezra a good time, and things get even more adventurous when she convinces him to try a certain pink pill. What will Ezra do when he realizes he's been transformed into a small, beautiful, and enormously horny woman?

Switched Up For Love: Andy has been best friends with Keith for years. When his friend pays him to help with a secret experiment, Andy figures that it's the least he can do to help out. What he doesn't expect, though, is to wake up as Andrea - a beautiful, busty blonde! The not-so-secret crush Keith has harbored for his friend suddenly gains a new dynamic as Andrea comes to terms with the feelings she's always had...but has been too much of a man to admit!

The Captain's New Pistol: Life can’t get much worse for Danielle when she’s purchased at a slave auction by her ex-girlfriend and pirate captain, Angelina. Things change, though, when she discovers that her new master was cursed with a very large gift between her legs. Fortunately, Angelina is the sharing type…and she’s more than happy to show her new cabin girl how it works!

He Thinks That I'm His Girlfriend!: When Jake helps Mike break into his ex-girlfriend's apartment, the last thing they were expecting was to be knocked out and tied up by Lola herself! Things are made even more awkward when she turns Mike into Michelle and hypnotizes Jake into f*****g his "girlfriend'! How will Mike handle Jake's advances...and how will Lola's Voodoo complicate things even further?

This is a 30000 word long erotic story collection and contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature. For adults only!

Fiction & Literature
5 February
Soichiro Irons
Smashwords, Inc.

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