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You’ve been given the gift of life, now go live it.

Gabby McPhee is the owner of The Tin Man, a chic new cafe and coffee roasting house in Melbourne. The struggles of her recent heart transplant are behind her and life is looking up – until a mysterious customer appears in the cafe, convinced that Gabby has her deceased husband’s heart beating inside her chest.

Krystal Arthur is a bereaved widow, struggling to hold herself and her two young boys together since Evan’s death, and plagued by unanswered questions. Why was her husband in another city the night he died? And why won’t his spirit rest?

Krystal is convinced that Gabby holds the clues she needs to move towards a brighter future. Gabby needs Krystal to help her let go of her troubled past. The two women must come together to try to unlock the secrets in Evan’s heart in order to set free their own.

By the internationally bestselling author of The Chocolate Promise, this is a profound and moving novel about the deeper mysteries of love and loss – and the priceless gift of life.

‘A lovely Australian novel from an accomplished writer.’ Good Reading

Fiction & Literature
2 April
Penguin Random House Australia
Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Physio123 ,

This is a true gift of a read - an amazing story!

A gift of life is a multi layered book that really draws you in. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the heart transplant recipient gaby and how she takes every day literally as a gift. I had no idea about what went into transplants even though I work in health care and have worked in hospitals that do transplantation. There is so much more to this esp the ramifications for donor recipient and family of the donor as this book so deftly explores.
Josephine’s writing is a joy - picturesque, hilarious at times, always informative and thought provoking. And the characters are so believable and real you end up really caring what happens to them. Krystal I started out disliking but grew really fond of her throughout the story as we discovered her motives.
Such a topical subject with organ donation rates so low you really appreciate how challenging this area is when you read gift of life. Josephine does it in a heart warming and sensitive way.
This book is a brilliant, brilliant read. I’d highly recommend to anyone who likes a great story, fascinating subject and excellent character and writing.

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