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The girl who... survived
The girl who... inspires
The girl who... has something to hide

People can't bring themselves to say what happened to her. They just describe her as 'the girl who... you know...'. But nobody really knows, no one sees the real Leah.

Leah is the perfect survivor. She was seven years old when she saw her mother and sister killed by a troubled gang member. Her case hit the headlines and her bravery made her a national sweetheart: strong, courageous and forgiving.

But Leah is hiding a secret about their deaths. And now, ten years later, all she can think of is revenge.

When Leah's dad meets a new partner, stepsister Ellie moves in. Sensing Leah isn't quite the sweet girl she pretends to be, Ellie discovers that Leah has a plan, one she has been putting together ever since that fateful day. Now that the killer - and the only one who knows the truth - is being released from prison, time is running out for Ellie to discover how far Leah will go to silence her anger . . .

Young Adults
14 January
Little, Brown Book Group
Hachette Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Marns17 ,

A great read

Thankfully most of us will never know what’s it’s like to have your childhood ripped away at the age of seven by witnessing your mother and sister be murdered.

You would think that Leah would have buried the memories of what happened as deeply as possible but, her new stepsister Ellie, suspects that not only does Leah clearly remember that terrible night, she is also planning something awful in an act of revenge.

Wow what a read this one is. The Girl Who is a tense psychological thriller, aimed at young adults, that delves deep into some pretty hard hitting topics, which are conveyed throughout so realistically but, also sensitively.

The characters of Leah, Ellie and Boyd are the main focus of the story and their points of view are alternated through the chapters and different timeframes. They have all been created very well and each carry the story perfectly.

The Girl Who is a super fast paced read and is one that once I got to the end, I was disappointed that it was over. Andreina Cordani is a great storyteller and I would most definitely be interested reading more from her going forward.

The Girl Who is a well written, gripping, compelling and powerful tale for both young adults and adult readers alike. It was a pleasure to read and review The Girl Who, which I recommend.

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