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In this epic African adventure, Wilbur Smith returns to his longest running series -- and the very beginnings of the Courtney family saga in the late seventeenth century -- with co-author Giles Kristian.

Henry 'Hal' Courtney has always lived at sea. He watched his own father executed during the Anglo-Dutch naval war, and spent his entire young adulthood avenging his father's death. Now a truce has been made between the warring countries and Hal is captain of his own ship the Golden Bough. From the slave markets of Zanzibar to the pirate-riddled waters of the Indian Ocean, Hal leads his crew in and out of the waves of danger. But he soon realizes that just because the war is over, does not mean the battle is won, and the more a man achieves, the more he has to lose.

GOLDEN LION follows Hal Courtney's adventures after the Christians have routed the Muslim invaders in Ethiopia in the mid-seventeenth century. And though conflicts still rage, Hal will face a much more personal enemy bent on revenge.

WHEN THE LION FEEDS (1964) introduced the Courtney family to readers around the world. Subsequent Courtney novels traced the fortunes, and misfortunes, of this sprawling, ambitious family, from the dawn of the 18th century to the late 20th century, from Natal in South Africa through Rhodesia and up through East Africa.

'Wilbur Smith is one of those benchmarks against whom others are compared' The Times

'No one does adventure like Wilbur Smith' Daily Mirror

'Smith is a master' Publishers Weekly

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1 October
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Golden Lion

Refreshing to see Wilbur back to his rollicking best form! Thoroughly enjoyed this book,which after the equally thoroughly disappointing "Desert God" comes with a sense of relief!! Kudos Mr Smith.

Poor reader ,

Not a Wilbur Smith

This was dreadful to read. I knew what would happen and skipped over all the gruesome details. I would not recommend to anyone. Won't buy any more Wilbur Smith & anyone else books. Thankfully I have my earlier Wilbur Smith books to reread.

Full Montie ,

Golden Lion

This is a poor facsimile of a proper Wilbur Smith adventure epic. Not recommended.

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