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This classic was originally penned by Solomon B. Shaw during the height of the Welsh revival in 1905. This book was instrumental in the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles and was distributed at that time by Frank Bartleman himself.

This book is considered one of the best on the Welsh Revival, and includes a biography on Evan Roberts, various newspaper clippings, testimonies of people involved (including F. B. Meyer, G. Campbell Morgan, and R. A. Torrey), and more.

This edition also includes an Active Table of Contents.


Chapter 1 -The Revival in Wales

Chapter 2 -Evan Roberts' Call From God

Chapter 3 -Report By Mrs. M. Baxter

Chapter 4 -The Revival in the West - Striking Stories and Incidents

Chapter 5 -Effects On Bridgend

Chapter 6 -A Meeting at Skewen

Chapter 7 -Report by Wm. T. Stead

Chapter 8 -Thirty-Four Thousand Conversions in Wales

Chapter 9 -Drunkenness And Blasphemy Disappear

Chapter 10 -Influence On The Severn Valley Mission

Chapter 11 -The Welsh Revival:Special Correspondent London Times of January 12

Chapter 12 -Evan Roberts' Story

Chapter 13 -God Hath Visited His People

Chapter 14 -Revival Paragraphs

Chapter 15 -Welsh Revival And The Western Mail

Chapter 16 -Report Of Special Correspondent In Belfast Witness

Chapter 17 -A Quickening Among All Classes

Chapter 18 -Report Of Rev. F. B. Meyer, A Memorable Day in Wales

Chapter 19 -Report By R. A. Torrey

Chapter 20 -Lessons Of The Welsh Revival

Chapter 21 -Selections From English Papers:The Revival At Carnarvon

Chapter 22 -Remarkable Scene In A Coal Mine

Chapter 23 -Help From The Established Church

Chapter 24 -Reports By Ministers In British Weekly

Chapter 25 -Revival Spirit Spreading In England

Chapter 26 -The Story Of Evan Roberts' Early Life

Chapter 27 -Revival Spreads In All Directions

Chapter 28 -An Incident Of The Revival

Chapter 29 -The Welsh Revival:From the Gospel Message

Chapter 30 -The Great Revival In Wales

Chapter 31 -From Gospel Banner, The Great Welsh Revival

Chapter 32 -Mr. Roberts' Dealing With An Infidel

Chapter 33 -Seventy Thousand Conversions:Welsh Revival Notes

Chapter 34 -The Atonement In The Welsh Revival

Chapter 35 -Comments On The Revival

Chapter 36 -Call To Prayer And League Of Intercession

Chapter 37 -Statement of Lady Henry Somerset

Chapter 38 -Skeptics Convicted And Converted

Chapter 39 -Far-Reaching Influence Of Welsh Revival

Chapter 40 -Soul-Travail, The Ground Work of Revival

Chapter 41 -The Power Of Prayer

Chapter 42 -Intercessory Prayer

Chapter 43 -Soul Travail

Chapter 44 -Report Of Recent Meeting In Aron Valley, Wales

Chapter 45 -The Token Of A General Revival

Chapter 46 -Revival

Chapter 47 -The Revival Needed

Chapter 48 -The Welsh Revival

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