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Book One: Not Just Desserts, the deli and catering firm owned by Olivia Beauman, is under threat. Though many people hate Harry Oldritch, it is his long suffering wife Queenie, and his mistress Bettina who die after old fashioned pesticide is placed into meals Olivia has prepared. To any outsider, Grevillea might seem a typical sleepy coastal village. But when DI Richard Brumby is brought in to help solve these crimes, he discovers that no place, no matter how idyllic, is safe from secrets and intrigue.

Book Two: UnKind Cut, as a long dry summer comes to an end, the Grevilleans are trying to raise money for their fire-station by staging a production of Julius Caesar. Kingston Ellis, that celebrated Shakespearean actor, has offered to play the title role. Opening night is on the 15th March. However when Kingston is stabbed for real in the assassination scene, Olivia Beauman of Not Just Desserts,  Eddie her partner and the play’s director, plus close friends Carmela and Janette, are inevitably drawn into helping DI Richard Brumby solve this crime. 

Book Three: UnFair Coverup, a body has been fed through a Shire shredding machine. Another is found in the local tip. DI Richard Brumby and his new 21C, Kian Kaminsky, set about finding the bodies’ identity.  The third of this series, Olivia Beauman of Not Just Desserts, Eddie her partner and local school principal, and close friends Carmela and Janette, are inevitably drawn into helping DI Richard Brumby solve this crime as meanwhile Richard tries to keep his marriage intact. 

Included are some of Olivia’s more easy to prepare recipes

About the Author:

Goldie Alexander is a versatile author who writes novels and non-fiction for adults and children, plus many prizewinning stories. Her latest fiction for young readers includes “Hedgeburners: An A-Z PI Mystery”, “The Youngest Cameleer” , the 5 part fantasy “eSide”,  a 3rd collection of short stories, “Space Footy and Other Stories”. And for adults the ‘how-to’ “Mentoring Your Memoir”, and “The Grevillea Murder Mysteries” trilogy.  

Crime & Thrillers
1 June

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